The methodology is based on individual lessons of symphonic instruments, and utilizes sectional and general rehearsals of a sequential repertoire adapted to each level.In each level, works of different genres are included, giving way to a better and faster result.

The activities that lead to an optimal and progressive growth of the members are:

  • Individual Lessons: where part of the technique of the instrument is learned, taking care that instruction is developed in a personalized way.


  • Sectional Workshops: interaction with other members of the same instrument (violin, viola, cello) is the first step towards group work, performing tasks that will lead them to the gradual improvement of their abilities (scales and arpeggios, orchestral excerpts, movement coordination)
  • Musical Language (theory and solfeggio): it is the class where musical reading and writing is initiated. This is where the symbols used for the understanding of musical scores are taught. It is structured in different levels based on the group development of children and teenagers.
  • Family Workshops: the orchestra is divided in different families – strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion. Here, they will learn how to listen to their colleagues, how to determine the importance of the role of each instrument section to achieve a common goal, and also the practice of musical aspects such as phrasing, intonation, rhythm and coordination receives a bigger focus.


  • General Rehearsals: here is where all instrumental families are put together like a big puzzle. It is the moment where the knowledge that has been acquired in the previous activities is put to the test, challenging concentration, coordination, intonation and harmony, all together and at the same time.

Along general lines, the teaching-learning process is completed with daily and continuous practice of the student. Periodical presentations and concerts, whether for a regular public or just the parents, bring a constant opportunity for learning.

The teaching-learning process builds a strong link between the community and the family of the child, promoting a motivational environment for all the beneficiaries that allows them to continue with their artistic-humanistic process. Like this, parents, caretakers and the community at large become indirect beneficiaries of this process.


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